Monday, May 18

Blik provides a massive variety of unique wall decor; Re-stickable transfers.

Particularly loving the "realistic" design of Me, Myshelf and I. It's so daft and simple, but it's really effective and will brighten up and room to no end.

Also loving the Chandelier and it's stylish shape.

For someone a bit quirkier, there's the Super Mario Bros sets. My favourite is the Original version, but they also sell a Donkey Kong version and the New Super Mario Bros version.

Abi x

Thursday, May 14

Hair styles

I'm definitely one to change my hair often, whether it's a cut, a trim or full on hair dye, it changes frequently.
This picture a friend showed me is something I'm aiming for. I'll have to grow my hair for a while first, but I love the layering and how blonde it would be. The picture reflects me somewhat as I do have glasses and am prone to wearing a lot of eye make-up.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Not so much the cheek piercing though!!

Abi x

Sunday, May 3

Gypsy Chandelier pendant lamp

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Bearing in mind that my room is top to bottom white, this would create a stunning effect as soon as you walk in. The bold colours compliment the curvature of the shape and work together well. Early birthday present?

The lamp is from which also has a great selection of Homewares, Novelties and gifts. I personally favour the lamp because it's stunning.

Abi x