Sunday, February 28

More from London [Part 1]

Sorry about the horrendous lack of updates, I had a bit of a weird time, but it was excellent too :D

London, on the whole, was pretty damn good! We went shopping on Wednesday, totally destroyed my mother :)

First stop - Covent Garden

We went and had a quick look in Candy Cakes; I loved the look of the cakes and the window display, but the cakes were a bit too much for my [small] budget! They were so cute though, they looked like they came straight from a cartoon strip!

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After that, I browed through many excellent shops and we came to a small craft-type fair. There was an odd but cool stand selling what I believed were phone charms, but they were quite big!

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I wish I bought the Gold Dinosaur, it's so cute! I had intended on going back a little later, but we got distracted by The Primrose Bakery!

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They make the cutest cupcakes, I had a chocolate one and my mum had a lemon flavoured one. Mine was beautifully decorated with a handful of coloured stars [yum!] and mum's had an elegant white flower which we managed to keep safe and is now sitting in my kitchen. They were actually a very reasonable price - two cake and a pot of tea (we had four cups from it) all for just £6.40! I was very impressed.

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They tasted so good! At first, I felt really bad about eating it [because it was so pretty], but it was so worth it!

More tomorrow!!

Abi x

Saturday, February 27

THE Dress :)

It came! I was so gutted it arrived whilst I was in London, I should've got it posted to my brother's address!

Some people have Bad Hair Days, I'm having a Bad Face Day! But here it is -
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Yes, I did use photoshop to 'tidy' my room :D It was very necessary!!

I absolutely love it! It hugs my body, making me look like I have curves (I really don't) and accentuates all the good bits - legs and chest!

Proof this dress was an excellent find? Male catwalk models hitting on me at a wedding fayre :')

MUCH more to come :)

Abi x

Saturday, February 20

Very quick post...

as it's just past 1AM, ouch!

Lots to update you lot on, London-wise :D

*Went shopping :)

*Went to Anthropologie (love)

*Had a haircut at Toni&Guy (trainee but shush)

*The dress arrived (lush)

*Went to a Cath Kidston shop (even more love)

*Went to The Primrose Bakery (yum)

*Wore some damn cool outfits!!

So, expect lots of cool-ness tomorrow, for now it is time to sleep... in my somewhat uncool pyjamas :D

Abi x

Wednesday, February 17


I would just like start of by letting you know that my typing this is a great sacrifice. My brother's house is sooooooooooooooooo cold. I'm typing one-handed at the moment because I'm wrapped up in a duvet... That is a duvet without a cover... ahhh student life :')

Yesterday, Tuesday, was spent on a coach for nearly 3 hours, but it was worth it! It just meant extra money to spend on clothes :)
After we met up with my brother we went straight to the Haagen Dazs cafe for sorbet/ice-cream. My mum had the most luxurious chocolate selection called 'Chocoholic.' "It was magnificent!"

My brother had three scoops of raspberry and summer berries smoothie, chocolate cookie something and summerberry. My brother, ever the glutton, ate it really quickly and spent the rest of the evening pining over mum's chocoholic. It was excellent teasing him :D

Mine was very simple - raspberry and summerberries smoothie and Lemon sorbet. I don't know why I always get the lemon because I'm always disapointed with how sharp it is. The berry one was nice, it tasted like yoghurt :)

However, every time I go there I'm always fascinated by this awesome chain-link 'wall' between the door and the cafe. It looks like moving water, all swishing and wavy.

The journey back to my brother's was ok... bearing in mind it was flooding in the roads and to cross at a set of traffic lights I had to jump over a meter of puddle... splosh.

Consolation prize...? My brother has an attractive flat-mate :)

Abi x

Tuesday, February 16

Pancake day :D


I'm going later today, so I have a few quick updates

1. Yes I made a sodding twitter account (I hate you Olivia) it is here
- I'd love to follow you, either on blogger or on twitter so tell me and I will :D

2. I'm going on a coach. Ew. I have no idea how long it's going to take, but ohmigosh, boredom will strike.

3. I dyed my hair purple, you can't really tell because it was darkish brown before, but in the light it looks awesome :D

I think that is all, however, it IS me so I've probably forgotten LOADS!

Abi x

Sunday, February 14

Je vais à Londres...

OR I'm going to london...

From monday to thursday/friday possibly. Yay!

I've been planning lots of place to visit including-

The Hummingbird Bakery
The V&A
The Haagen Dazs Cafe
The Anthropologie shop xD

I'm so excited, there will be lots of photos and pretty new clothes, jewellery and possibly a mug :D
I saw one in the Anthropologie shop that I really want :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's only £3.99, which you could pay at Paperchase anyway (not that I don't love Paperchase because I really do!!)

So for the next week, posting will be erratic, but I will try to keep up :D

And, because it's London, there should be lots of cool outfits posts for the next few days!!

Wish me luck!

Abi x

PS. My dress is going to turn up whilst I'm away... bad times :/

PPS. Happy Valentines! Once again, I'm all alone with nought but Tea and freshly baked Madeira cake... life's not so bad :D

Saturday, February 13


I didn't like it at first, but you know when a song grows on you? The video is this really cool 'stereotypical' american theme. Lots of blue and white 'tickertape' [or confetti!]

Abi x

Thursday, February 11

The McQueen Dream...

I was shocked when my sister told me he'd killed himself. I love a lot of his work and I think he's a brilliant and influential designer in our time.

Here are a few articles about him and his work -

"British fashion designer Alexander McQueen found dead at home"
The 40-year-old was found hanged at his flat in Green Street, Mayfair, shortly after 10am today. Paramedics were called but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

"British fashion icon Alexander McQueen commits suicide days after death of his beloved mother"
His mother had interviewed him for a newspaper in 2004 and asked him: 'What is your most terrifying fear?', to which he replied: 'Dying before you.' She said: 'Thank you, son.'

Lastly, this is possibly my favourite McQueen dress. Possibly one of my favourite dresses at all really, he was such a ledge :)

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Abi x

And btw...

I just bought the dress :D

We only paid super cheap postage though, so it'll be within a week... ish :D


Abi x

Wednesday, February 10

Is it only wednesday?

I'm so tired, I NEED this holiday!!

I'm more looking forward to the summer though - water fights, shades, drinks, friends, music, picnics, parks, bikinis, shorts and everything else that makes me happy :)

Last year I found the perfect bikini - Blue with white polka dots and red/pinky bows - but this year I can't seem to find one I like yet. I don't actually want a new one, I like this one, but then I did see this gem from -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's £25 which is ok I suppose, but I'm probably not going to go anywhere! I think it cost me £7.50 last time!! However, I love the print and the ties at the sides of the bottoms.

I have to set myself some goals over summer too -

*I want to learn to draw like this -

I found it on a Facebook group and I had to save it, it's pretty and it totally relates to me.

*I want to save up some maybe, maybe get a part-time job or something to keep me occupied.

*I want to make some of my own cloths, experiment y'know?

*Draw up a sketchbook for fun, not for coursework!!

So tell me, what are your goals for the summer? :D

Abi x

Tuesday, February 9

ASOS is a legend today

I've been a bit rubbish posting for the last few days, but I'm so swamped with art coursework!! I've almost given up on Product Design, way too much effort and I've lost all passion for it... :/

Anyway, My friend Emily challenged me to find her a dress for under £20 with some sort of sleeves.
I think I did pretty well considering I'm not entirely sure of her style at the moment! Whilst looking, I found this beauty on ASOS!

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I love it's dark, sweeping feel with the chains. I love that they've styled it with black tights and heels and the purple lipstick is amazing!

Get this... It's only £12! Parental persuasion time much?

Abi x

Sunday, February 7

Lace Lust

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I think I need it...

It also comes in black, but I love it in this subtle creamy colour. Very on trend. This stunner is from Rock 'n Rose

I have an excellent find for you sometime in the next few days. I found a woman who makes beautiful jewellery whilst at Spring Fair today!

Abi x

Thursday, February 4

[Fake] Tanning

I just watched this on BBC3 and it made me remember how much I dislike fake tan. I've never used it, not intentionally anyway - there was this time when I borrowed a friend's moisturiser, it turned out it had intensive tanning properties... I used it twice on my legs!! Not a good look to be honest!

I understand the pressure to fit in as a teen, everyone around you is going on holiday and coming back bronzed and beautiful, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to lie under an ultraviolet light just to fit in. I like who I am, I've grown used to being pale and burning easily, I try to look after my skin and I hope you all do the same!!

What do you all think? Fake tan? Sun beds? Pills and lotions and injections? Eww methinks, but I want to hear from you!!

Abi x

Wednesday, February 3

Saturday Night, Dance, I like the way you move

Just a few of the best from the Party!! There are hundreds, so I narrowed them down!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Me squishing the birthday girl in her beautiful Lace dress from Primark!
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I am wearing-

Dress - Naquiba (boutique kind of)
Cardigan - Topshop
Shoes - Priceless shoes (£5!!!!)

I will do a proper outfit post of this very soon!

Abi x

Tuesday, February 2

Filigree for February

Well, I'm fairly certain it's not real gold, but it's beautiful vintage styling and amazing sale price makes me want it so much!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You know me, I'm a sucker for anything cameo!

Tomorrow's post - saturday night :D
SO I bought a new dress just for the party, and some major heels! Lots of pictures to come!!

Abi x