Wednesday, February 10

Is it only wednesday?

I'm so tired, I NEED this holiday!!

I'm more looking forward to the summer though - water fights, shades, drinks, friends, music, picnics, parks, bikinis, shorts and everything else that makes me happy :)

Last year I found the perfect bikini - Blue with white polka dots and red/pinky bows - but this year I can't seem to find one I like yet. I don't actually want a new one, I like this one, but then I did see this gem from -

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It's £25 which is ok I suppose, but I'm probably not going to go anywhere! I think it cost me £7.50 last time!! However, I love the print and the ties at the sides of the bottoms.

I have to set myself some goals over summer too -

*I want to learn to draw like this -

I found it on a Facebook group and I had to save it, it's pretty and it totally relates to me.

*I want to save up some maybe, maybe get a part-time job or something to keep me occupied.

*I want to make some of my own cloths, experiment y'know?

*Draw up a sketchbook for fun, not for coursework!!

So tell me, what are your goals for the summer? :D

Abi x

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