Thursday, February 4

[Fake] Tanning

I just watched this on BBC3 and it made me remember how much I dislike fake tan. I've never used it, not intentionally anyway - there was this time when I borrowed a friend's moisturiser, it turned out it had intensive tanning properties... I used it twice on my legs!! Not a good look to be honest!

I understand the pressure to fit in as a teen, everyone around you is going on holiday and coming back bronzed and beautiful, but I don't think I could ever bring myself to lie under an ultraviolet light just to fit in. I like who I am, I've grown used to being pale and burning easily, I try to look after my skin and I hope you all do the same!!

What do you all think? Fake tan? Sun beds? Pills and lotions and injections? Eww methinks, but I want to hear from you!!

Abi x

1 comment:

  1. Fake tans are so stupid. Also, it's funny to see people who think they're tan, but they're really just orange! I'm naturally pale, but I don't mind :)