Tuesday, April 13

Iheartvintagex Giveaway

For ages I've followed Kavita here and omg, I love her blog! It's so pretty!

And right now, she's having a massive giveaway! It looks amazing :)

You (or I!) could win-

♥ Primark quilted makeup bag with pink inside and mirror (I love it so much!)
♥ Sailor ship necklace with a clock on, which infact works!
♥ Primark sunglasses in a lovely mint colour
♥ Primark 2 tier pearl necklace, it was meant to be 3 but I accidentally broke it LOL Sorry about that guys! It is still fab!
♥ Dorothy Perkins gold earrings
♥ Mini Soap and Glory 'Clean on me' Showergel

I'm excitable right now :)

In other news -
I made a Tumblr account. I'm actually surprised about how addicted I am to it :)

I'll love forever you if you follow me here. Atch, If you follow me on blogger too I'll smile a lot and be happy and make lots of happy posts! Bribery much?

I'm going to post you a film review a little bit later - Dear John. It comes out tomorrow I believe. My sister and I won tickets to a preview showing on sunday - AT 10AM!!

Latersss :) x

Tuesday, April 6

It's Nice To Have An Older Sister

Because she lends me her stuff and buys me pretty things, I'm lucky in that respect :) She went to Prague for her birthday last week and apart from bringing me back some totally random Prague foodstuffs, she also bought me this necklace -

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She got it hand made by some random man on the street, I love it :)
So now, I have a necklace with my name and one with my nickname (the cupcake necklace). I just need one that says angel because that's what the guy calls me; the collection would be complete then!

It's actually sunny outside again, I'm shocked! However, the room I'm in is actually really cold, and this computer isn't a portable one, so for now it's goodbye :) I'm actually shivering!!

Abi x

Monday, April 5

Mugs for Tea (L)

As a self-professed Tea addict I'm often given pretty mugs by my friends or I buy them myself! I'd been thinking about doing this for a while and seeing as it was actually sunny yesterday I went and took pictures in my garden.
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Oh my gosh, look... No rain!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My garden. It's a bit shit, but it's getting there... I hate my toes :/
Jeggings - Primark
Shoes - Barratts (about 4 years ago, they're my sister's!)
Nail Varnish - Rimmel London, Perfect Plum
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
My three favourite mugs. Cupcake mug - Tesco, £2!! 'A' mug - Anthropologie, £6. Biscuit mug - Paperchase, I don't know the price because it was a present, but you can ask Liv, because she's the babe that bought it for me!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Shoes and mugs... Why wouldn't they be in grass?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
I love flowers, this is one of the only ones in my garden around at the moment. Flowers + Cupcake + Cupcake mug = Happy Abi :)

I'm craving a cup now, I only had one about 5 minutes ago!!

Abi x

Mermaid Nails

First of all, I was hit by the problems a few users had the other day posting, so I'm sorry it's been quiet but it's actually not my fault for once!!

My nails look like this at the moment :)
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Glittery! At first, I'd had two layers of the turquoisey colour on it's own (Green with Envy by Rimmel 60 Seconds) which on it's own made me feel like a mermaid. Then I'd been looking through a bag of small jokey christmas presents I'd been given by my mum and pulled out (drumroll please) the glitter/sequin cover! It's from New York Colour and it's got silver glitter and pink and blue tiny sequins; I love it!

Nice and fresh for spring, but also jazzy for in the night-time :)

There may be a second post today, depends on whether my camera decides to upload all the pictures I took yesterday or not!

Abi x

Friday, April 2

Blog Awards

They make me smile :)

The other day, I received one from Chloe at Chloe In Reality -

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For which I now have to write Sevens facts about myself from... Here goes!

1. I crack my knuckles... Like all the time :) There's just something therapeutic about it!!
2. I drink a lot of tea. I mean a lot - at least 4 or 5 big mugs each day... or else I'd die; and we don't want that now do we?
3. I like having my nails painted bright colours. It sounds obvious, but when I'm feeling down and you look at your hands and just see this flash of colour, well, it cheers me up immediately.
4. I over-analyse films. But in a good way, so that you can understand the characters properly - then the whole film seems better!
5. I've only ever cried at one film; The Notebook. I'm not really a crier, but this film was so beautiful. Plus I want her swimsuit :)
6. I dye my hair quite a bit, at the moment, it's kind of Purpley-Red
7. I really like blogging, even if no-one reads it or people don't like it it makes me happy. I love everything about it really. I love reading other people's blogs and seeing their opinions - horizon brightening much?

And now I've got to tag 7 people who I think also have beautiful blogs; I've done them alphabetically :)

Caroline @ COSMICaroline
D @ Heart Shaped Bruise
Kavita @ I Heart Vintage
Hannah @ London Rose
Alice @ Paper Heart
Sadie @ Sadie's Wardrobe
Charlie @ Vampires And Cardigans

Check out their blogs; they're all wonderful and they all have lots of different opinions but most of all, they're all really cool girls :)

Abi x