Monday, June 7

Outfit Post

It's been a while. I'm only just realising how much I've missed this.
However, I'm finding it a lot easier to blog on my sister's computer. It has a built-in webcam, so I can just take a picture dead quick! (There are over 100 in her trash...)

As per usual, I went to town on saturday to visit my friends. I don't know what's been going on with the weather lately, but it was really hot! I'm not complaining though!! In keeping with this hot weather, I dressed light, naturally.

Cardigan, worn as a top - H&M
Skirt - Primark, but bought from a charity shop for a ridiculously low cost!
Floral Bag - Primark

I really liked this as an outfit because it was simple and chic. Because I'm quite thin and mostly 'Straight Up and Down' the elasticated belt gives me some shape which makes a pleasant change!

Also, I've been experimenting with nail varnish lately. I've been drawn to a lot of blues and turquoises, but I painted them with this bright red the other day.

It was for a friend's party (outfit post of that tomorrow) and I walked past it on my way downstairs and just knew I had to use it. It's called 'Double Decker Red' and it's from Rimmel's I ♥ Lasting Finish collection. It's a brilliant colour and it's only chipped a bit since Saturday. I'm impressed!

Until tomorrow,

Abi x

Sunday, June 6

I'm making no apologies because


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Anyway, onto a more interesting, blogworthy topic. Yesterday, or at some point, my sister bought Harper's Bazaar and it came with this free top.

It was too small for her so she gave it to me. I really like the print on it, but I don't generally like high necked Tees, so I may edit it!

But then she raised a good point. The UK average size for a woman is a 16, but this top only just fits me and I'm only a 10 because of my chest size. So if this top is designed for size 8-10 girls... How many of these are going to end up in landfills?

I know I'm not exactly in a position to complain about 'size-ism' but I do think it's a bit off for such a huge magazine to be so completely off the target.

Any thoughts? x