Tuesday, April 13

Iheartvintagex Giveaway

For ages I've followed Kavita here and omg, I love her blog! It's so pretty!

And right now, she's having a massive giveaway! It looks amazing :)

You (or I!) could win-

♥ Primark quilted makeup bag with pink inside and mirror (I love it so much!)
♥ Sailor ship necklace with a clock on, which infact works!
♥ Primark sunglasses in a lovely mint colour
♥ Primark 2 tier pearl necklace, it was meant to be 3 but I accidentally broke it LOL Sorry about that guys! It is still fab!
♥ Dorothy Perkins gold earrings
♥ Mini Soap and Glory 'Clean on me' Showergel

I'm excitable right now :)

In other news -
I made a Tumblr account. I'm actually surprised about how addicted I am to it :)

I'll love forever you if you follow me here. Atch, If you follow me on blogger too I'll smile a lot and be happy and make lots of happy posts! Bribery much?

I'm going to post you a film review a little bit later - Dear John. It comes out tomorrow I believe. My sister and I won tickets to a preview showing on sunday - AT 10AM!!

Latersss :) x

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  1. YAYYYY I LOVE KAVITA! She's even more beautiful & lovely in real life :)

    I really want to see Dear John, so a review on that would be great!