Monday, April 5

Mermaid Nails

First of all, I was hit by the problems a few users had the other day posting, so I'm sorry it's been quiet but it's actually not my fault for once!!

My nails look like this at the moment :)
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Glittery! At first, I'd had two layers of the turquoisey colour on it's own (Green with Envy by Rimmel 60 Seconds) which on it's own made me feel like a mermaid. Then I'd been looking through a bag of small jokey christmas presents I'd been given by my mum and pulled out (drumroll please) the glitter/sequin cover! It's from New York Colour and it's got silver glitter and pink and blue tiny sequins; I love it!

Nice and fresh for spring, but also jazzy for in the night-time :)

There may be a second post today, depends on whether my camera decides to upload all the pictures I took yesterday or not!

Abi x

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