Sunday, February 14

Je vais à Londres...

OR I'm going to london...

From monday to thursday/friday possibly. Yay!

I've been planning lots of place to visit including-

The Hummingbird Bakery
The V&A
The Haagen Dazs Cafe
The Anthropologie shop xD

I'm so excited, there will be lots of photos and pretty new clothes, jewellery and possibly a mug :D
I saw one in the Anthropologie shop that I really want :D

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It's only £3.99, which you could pay at Paperchase anyway (not that I don't love Paperchase because I really do!!)

So for the next week, posting will be erratic, but I will try to keep up :D

And, because it's London, there should be lots of cool outfits posts for the next few days!!

Wish me luck!

Abi x

PS. My dress is going to turn up whilst I'm away... bad times :/

PPS. Happy Valentines! Once again, I'm all alone with nought but Tea and freshly baked Madeira cake... life's not so bad :D


  1. can't wait to see pics... and i want the "B" anthropology mug

  2. Abi's big sis xFebruary 18, 2010 at 4:57 PM

    Your dress arrived about an hour after you left - sad times! I totally want one of those mugs - its my birthday soon you know...