Wednesday, February 17


I would just like start of by letting you know that my typing this is a great sacrifice. My brother's house is sooooooooooooooooo cold. I'm typing one-handed at the moment because I'm wrapped up in a duvet... That is a duvet without a cover... ahhh student life :')

Yesterday, Tuesday, was spent on a coach for nearly 3 hours, but it was worth it! It just meant extra money to spend on clothes :)
After we met up with my brother we went straight to the Haagen Dazs cafe for sorbet/ice-cream. My mum had the most luxurious chocolate selection called 'Chocoholic.' "It was magnificent!"

My brother had three scoops of raspberry and summer berries smoothie, chocolate cookie something and summerberry. My brother, ever the glutton, ate it really quickly and spent the rest of the evening pining over mum's chocoholic. It was excellent teasing him :D

Mine was very simple - raspberry and summerberries smoothie and Lemon sorbet. I don't know why I always get the lemon because I'm always disapointed with how sharp it is. The berry one was nice, it tasted like yoghurt :)

However, every time I go there I'm always fascinated by this awesome chain-link 'wall' between the door and the cafe. It looks like moving water, all swishing and wavy.

The journey back to my brother's was ok... bearing in mind it was flooding in the roads and to cross at a set of traffic lights I had to jump over a meter of puddle... splosh.

Consolation prize...? My brother has an attractive flat-mate :)

Abi x


  1. Oh! Attractive flat-mate -- winner! I like your blog very much.

  2. haha this made me laugh! the cold is totally worth it for the hot flatmate :)



  3. Thank you Abi! And wowwww, yeah my aunty has had her hair cut by Toni&Guy trainees for free too! I'm sure it looks great :D

    And your journey sounds good, haha, Haagen Dazs (love) and attractive flat-mate sounds good to me! Have a wonderful time in London, I love it there :)
    Chloe XXX

  4. I feel that "attractive" is a slight understatement, and i am also quite disconcerted that my "attractiveness" only got one sentence.

    Robert George Murdoch Brown
    (Hot flat-mate)