Sunday, February 28

More from London [Part 1]

Sorry about the horrendous lack of updates, I had a bit of a weird time, but it was excellent too :D

London, on the whole, was pretty damn good! We went shopping on Wednesday, totally destroyed my mother :)

First stop - Covent Garden

We went and had a quick look in Candy Cakes; I loved the look of the cakes and the window display, but the cakes were a bit too much for my [small] budget! They were so cute though, they looked like they came straight from a cartoon strip!

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After that, I browed through many excellent shops and we came to a small craft-type fair. There was an odd but cool stand selling what I believed were phone charms, but they were quite big!

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I wish I bought the Gold Dinosaur, it's so cute! I had intended on going back a little later, but we got distracted by The Primrose Bakery!

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They make the cutest cupcakes, I had a chocolate one and my mum had a lemon flavoured one. Mine was beautifully decorated with a handful of coloured stars [yum!] and mum's had an elegant white flower which we managed to keep safe and is now sitting in my kitchen. They were actually a very reasonable price - two cake and a pot of tea (we had four cups from it) all for just £6.40! I was very impressed.

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They tasted so good! At first, I felt really bad about eating it [because it was so pretty], but it was so worth it!

More tomorrow!!

Abi x


  1. You are a fool! £6.40 as a reasonable price??
    You must be joking!
    Maximum £1 per cupcake, then £3 maximum for tea. That is not £6.40!
    Crazy Abi.
    But hey- at least they were NOM!

  2. aaaaaah I LOVE Primrose Bakery, that place is amazing :)
    Looks like such a great day out

    Thanks for entering my giveaway & for the lovely comment



  3. Awwh man them cupcakes look LUSH. Omnomnom!
    And I totally would have bought the gold dinosaur too. Or the one above with button eyes. =]
    So I found your blog on post grad hair cut (I believe...I do a lot of blog hoppin', so if it wasn't from there I'm sorry! =P) and thought I'd leave a comment.
    And I think I'm going to add you to my RSS feed also. ^_^