Monday, March 1

Everyone's going gaga...

I still can't make up my mind. A lot of the stuff she wears is mental... but that's fashion right? Breaking the boundaries, trying new things - being creative?

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I love the lace and the shapes and textures the head thing gives :)

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The latex does amazing things for her figure, it smoothes over curves and is just a bit of fun really! And with the lobster one? I just want the shoes :D

Abi x

All photos taken from The Mail Online


  1. I try my hardest not to like her songs and I just can't help it; on every playlist when I'm getting ready to go out, BAM! there's a GaGa song.
    But her as a person I'm not so fond of. And the outfits just seem a little too attention grabby for my liking. Like you said, fashion is about trying new things and if it was anoyone else I'd be like...huh. lobster on head? Well okay then! But it's her. And I don't like her. So I'm just like...psssh whatevs.
    Hahaha. I'm super opinionated though!
    Can you tell? ^_~

  2. I totally love her. And It's just cause shes sexy in a natural way, like the stuff she wears isn't even sexy, it's bizarre, but she just looks sexy in them. It's crazy! I'm seeing her in June *does a little dance* aha :) xxx