Thursday, March 25

Absolutely Alice

I went mini-shopping with my friend today, she was looking for jeans, I was almost her personal shopper, it was beautiful :')
Various shops and no luck later, we ended up in New Look where I found this denim dress. It's £25 which is a lot on my limited budget, but I might be able to scrape it. But I'm not entirely sure about it, what do you think?

I've never really been one for denim, other than on my legs, but I actually really liked this dress. I know there's a bit of a denim trend going on at the moment, but I've chosen to ignore it!

However, there was a woman at my bus stop yesterday and I thought she looked really cool. She had on a woolly grey granny cardi, a blue denim shirt and a black pencil skirt. I would've felt a bit awkward taking a photo to be honest so you'll just have to imagine it! She looked on-trend whilst still keeping an air of originality and cool. Plus, she had bright orange dyed hair! Tres cool. On that note, I need to re-dye my hair; the purple faded fast :/ sad times.

Back to the denim dress! If I bought it, I'd have to wear it with this stunning nail varnish from OPI
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It's called 'Absolutely Alice' - a nod to Alice in Wonderland, which I still haven't seen! S0meone take me? My sister just bought it and it looks absolutely incredible. I can't wait for an excuse to steal it!!

I have a lovely post lined up for tomorrow, so catch you then, for now I have about 60 A3 pages of coursework to do for DT tomorrow... Wish me luck? I'll need it...

Abi x

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  1. I love this dress Abi, it really suits you! I say buy it, I love denim whether it be jeans or jackets or skirts.
    Definitely get it. :)

    Ahh coursework is a killer, I haven't even entered year ten yet. Literally just finished my ICT coursework, yaaaaay.
    Good luck anyway!

    Chloe X