Saturday, March 20

Oh For A Lazy Saturday...

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Yes, my room IS horrendously messy here!!

Cardigan - Vintage
Jeggins - Primark
Top - Either H&M or Primark
Necklace - Purple Turtle Beads

This is how I wanted to go out today, but social events called for a slightly more formal dress. I don't exactly know what to wear yet, but for one - I want to look nice for a guy, two - I want to look nice for my friends and three - I want to look nice for me!! I reckon that's the most important reason; looking nice so that you feel good. There's often times when I feel a bit under-the-weather and I stick on a nice outfit and instantly feel better. Try it next time you feel a bit... meh. You all know what I mean!!

I will try and post again later tonight or early tomorrow about the day's events and my much more appealing outfit!

Abi x


  1. Ha my room is a similar state. =]
    And I love the necklace. And also the cupcake earrings from last post. *Snags*

  2. yes ur room is very bad , i think my room is better than you