Wednesday, March 3

We Say Summer

I'm looking forward to summer - sooo much! Mainly because I can wear fewer clothes and actually look cool and not have to wear a billion layers!!

My Friday night was spent travelling to Walsall to see a few bands with my friend Sam. One such band was staying over at Sam's with me - We Say Summer. There were three other bands on the night - two rather metal-ly bands and one guy who was adorable. I wanted to put him in my pocket and keep him :D

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They're cool, yet cruel, guys. I say cruel only because they 'Fraped' [Facebook Raped] me quite badly. It was pretty funny though :)

Whenever I listen to them, here, I always think of Panic! At The Disco. But only for a few seconds; We Say Summer are a lot more... in your face :D Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Indie and a lot of Nancy Sinatra [Don't ask why, I don't know either!! I love her though] but these "Pop-Punk/Happy-Hardcore" remind me of the good old days. Just typing that made me feel old, but I did used to listen to a lot more rock/punk music and I'm not sure why I don't anymore - I still like it though!

Anyway, the band is made up of great guys - Jay, Steve, Damien, Steve and Jamie - and even though they're cruel, they're fun. I'm probably going to see them again in April [I think] so I'll wear this -
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High-Waisted black shorts - H&M
Cardigan - Dotty P
Tights - Primark probably :P
Panda Tee - We Say Summer - One of the Steve's gave Sam and me one each at the end of the night as a present for letting them crash at hers! I told them they can stay at mine next time they're in Birmingham, yeah... I'm clever like that... Damn them for living in Manchester though - summer tour ftw :)

Abi x


  1. paha. this is the first blog of yours ive actually read. its rather good (Y)

    dan x

  2. WALSALL. Get it right bitch. :) x