Friday, March 19

Hello, Cupcake!

Whilst browsing through one of my favourite jewellery websites - Ji Ji Kiki - I came across these cutesy, kitsch cupcake earrings that I really want!

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They're only £5, and with my slight cupcake obsession, I think I'd never take them out!

It's just a quick post today, I don't have a lot to talk about recently. I don't know what's wrong, if anything at all, I'm just really tired all the time, and whenever I get to the computer it's just a quick Facebook check then, inevitably, I end up in bed! Very annoying, trust me. But I'm going to try and get back to my regular posting, just for you lot!

I'm going to a party/gathering sort of thing tomorrow, so there will be a lovely outfit post for you... once I've worked out what to wear!!

Abi x

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