Tuesday, February 9

ASOS is a legend today

I've been a bit rubbish posting for the last few days, but I'm so swamped with art coursework!! I've almost given up on Product Design, way too much effort and I've lost all passion for it... :/

Anyway, My friend Emily challenged me to find her a dress for under £20 with some sort of sleeves.
I think I did pretty well considering I'm not entirely sure of her style at the moment! Whilst looking, I found this beauty on ASOS!

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I love it's dark, sweeping feel with the chains. I love that they've styled it with black tights and heels and the purple lipstick is amazing!

Get this... It's only £12! Parental persuasion time much?

Abi x


  1. It's an adorable dress and I think I might just snatch it up for such a low price :)

  2. WOOOOOOOOO :) im in the blog.
    oh yeeeeeah, i miss you.
    come back soon please.