Tuesday, August 4

Trip to London

I went to london with my sister yesterday. So happy to be out of the house for a change.
We took a rather early train, so due to my sleep needs, I had to throw together an outfit dead quick, with improper shoes which I was really annoyed about. I would've worn some white, lace flat but it just wasn't to be... or I got them muddy by taking them out in the rain on Sunday with Livvi. But oh well, they'll be clean soon... hopefully. But I wore a blue vest-top with frills down the front, blue-denim mini and black tights. Plus a black scarf with white pattern which was my nan's so I suppose it must be vintage. Also, string of pearls and heaps of eye make-up. Sadly, there are no decent pictures, but I'll recreate it another day and take a photo in the mirror.

So we started off the trip by visiting the Tate Modern, and we walked through EVERY free gallery. Some off them were a bit dull... some "artworks" were literally just a canvas painted red all over. When we first walked in, I noticed this enormous empty space and couldn't resist a cheeky photo of me. I persuaded my sis to stand on some steps whilst I walked into this space and posed... Voila!

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But then we got the tube and really quickly visited the V&A shop, we didn't have time to look at the beautiful jewelry because we were meeting our brother (but that just means we have an excuse for another trip!!) I bought the a gorgeous ring from the V&A shop, not all of my jewelry comes from the internet or my own handicraft.

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Then we met up with my brother and had "lunch" in the Haagen Daas cafe. It was immense. My brother ordered their summer special;

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Mango Sorbet & and Brownie, Raspberry Sorbet and raspberries, Cherry Ice-cream with cherries and Strawberry Ice-cream with strawberries. The most extravagant ice-cream/sorbet combo I've ever seen. I had a scoop of raspberry and a scoop of lemon with the most indulgent raspberry sauce ever and my sister had two scoops of lemon with chocolate sprinkles... she's a bit odd like that.

Then, it was off to Covent Garden where we had dinner with three of my sister's friends. Annoyingly, I'm really fussy when it comes to food, so generally when I'm out and a meal gets involved, I stick to simple chips... but it was not to be! The restaurant we were in didn't even serve this staple of British meals! So I had to go for the Mixed Salad... which was vile so I only ate half and starved for the rest of the night, well... until my sister took me to Burger King on the way to the train-station.

It was a good day out in all fairness, only ruined by a rude woman on the Underground and horrible food, but then.. what can I expect... it was England!!

Abi x

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