Monday, August 31

France; C'est super!

Wow, France was awesome. I have lots of outfit pics for you and I'll write a little description of each one and how you could find it from your own wardrobe.

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Day Outfit One. We were incredibly bored on that ferry, and Actually stayed in that lift for an hour just going up and down; we did have six hours to kill after all! In this outfit, I have a skye blue, mens shirt. I "borrowed" it from my dad a while back. I love over-sized men's shirts because they suit any figure. If you're short and you belt them up, they'll lengthen your figure. If you're skinny, you can wear them open with a vest top underneath and only hint at your figure, leaving yourself open for more attention. If you're tall, you can wear them however you like really; wear them tight to accentuate your height, wear them loose to draw attention to your legs.
I love the denim skirt with this shirt, it gives it the little extra length it needs and the occasional flashes from the gaps in the material show the skirt matching the shirt perfectly. The rugged texture of the skirt really contrasts the soft, smoothness of the shirt and the sleekness of the opaque, black tights. Heels give it a bit of glamour and the jewelry is minimal. However this would all also so great with some String of Pearl beads.

Ok, that was long. I'll do the rest shorter and if you want to ask something then leave it in a comment and I'll reply asap.

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Day Outfit Two. The Bikini look is always around in summer. As we were on a site dominated by older couples (50+) and young families (kids younger than 10), we didn't want to walk to the pool in just our Bikinis, so I threw on this. It's the shirt from above left open so as to show off my figure and the pretty new bikini I have; the bikini and a pair of H&M white shorts. I loved this bikini because I found it very fifties inspired with the blues and reds. The bikini bottoms also had ties at the sides; this is good for people like me with a very slender shape. The ties maximise the cut of the bikini and gives hips definition and shape.

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Night Outfit One and Two. I found these two outfits very similar, so I figured I could merge the descriptions together. These were very simple, casual outfits. Opaque, black tights, dark boots, loose, light dresses or long tops, a dark cardigan and a dark scarf with colourful detail. The tights and boots are great with this look as they don't draw attention for your dress/top which should be the centrepiece. A dress/top with a large slogan or print on it draws the eye and concentrates everyone to look at you, and it does say something about your personality without you even opening your mouth. The cardigan and scarf keep it casual and comfortable to wear out. Neither outfit requires much jewellery, a bold bangle or two could jazz it up to no end.
Abi x

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