Wednesday, September 9


The new Arctic Monkeys album.

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It's called Humbug.
I started listening to it after I heard Crying Lightning (track 2) somewhere. A lot of the Arctic Monkeys stuff is fairly similar, but this is a bit softer and a bit mellower and I really like it. It sounds a bit like it was recorded in a basement, but that gives it a really hollow and deep tone. It's a nice change from a lot of the indie and random other music I listen. The lyrics are clever and funny at the same time, consistent with their other albums. Overall, I'd give it a **** rating; it's good, clean and generally happy, but it gets a little same-y once you've heard it once or twice.

If you have got Spotify - Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
If not... whyever not? Spotify is possibly my favourite application for computers. Apart from the actually internet browser of course!!

Abi x

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