Tuesday, October 6

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Hard to believe, only because it's me, but it's Emma Watson.
I was looking through her photo shoot for Teen Vogue '09 and I couldn't resist putting these up. I love this sort of photo; grimy background, unexpected objects (chairs, tables etc.), soft light, darker tones and beautiful hair.

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What self-respecting girl doesn't want that puff-ball skirt? That Teal-Blue is simply stunning against the purple of the Bluebells.

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Another Skirt Pic, but seriously, why isn't it mine? Not such a fan of the biker-esque boots, but then, I'm more distracted by the beautiful Citroen in the background... I love the attention to detail in that her bow and lipstick matches the Citroen, it just shows the dedication and quality needed to survive these days. Don't even get me started on the lace...

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Ok... just wow. Not a lot of people can pull off netting to the knees, but somehow, she's carried it off with grace... Is it to do with the ladder? If so... christmas present anyone?

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I love the satin in this dress! And the magnificent purple of the hairpiece. The colours are very on trend for AW09/10 in my opinion, the dark, glossy quality of the fabrics and the shoulders. Oh the shoulders. I don't think I could pull it off myself, but I still love it!!

Abi x

Ps. Sorry I've been such a crappy blogger recently, I will be better soon :) x

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