Thursday, April 16

Junk Jewels

I supposed you noticed, at the end of that last post, two pieces of jewelry from Junk Jewels. The pieces on this site are so adorable.

This first necklace is a silver Ice-cream cone with a baby pink Swarovski crystal. Personally, I think this'll be a great piece for summer... regardless of Britain's often cold and wet weather!!

Next, I found a silver lover heart with wings. It put me in mind of a necklace I frequently 'borrow' from my sister. I love the simplicity of it and it's charm.

Last off, a nautical piece. This gold, Half-penny bracelet is something I really like. It's completely on-trend with everything nautical in every shop, but I think it'll be a piece that can be admired all year, purely for it's charm and it's uniqueness. I want it solely to pair it with my antique boat charm I have on a gold chain and wear with a string of pearls.

Pearls, I may add, which are on-trend for fall-winter 2009/10, if you agree with Chanel's Pre-collection line.

Abi x

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