Sunday, April 12

de Fashion Avenue

I found this website the other day deFashion Avenue which has just a few pieces, mostly dresses, which really caught my eye. Some of the materials used are stunning and I just want to own them all!!
This dress really piqued my interest as something for summer; it's light, white and simple.

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Also, I really liked this layered chiffon dress;

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I love the way it clings to the model's curves, and I think it'd be perfect for anyone looking for that dress that gets everyone talking. Prom much?

Lastly, this shimmering example of a good use of sequins. Very often, I see pieces that seem to have had a designer decide something's missing, and just thrown a handful of sequins on to make it a bit different. This however is different, and in a simply stunning way.

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I'd like to finish this with some stylish black, gladiator heels, this elegant Chanel evening clutch and matching Bow necklace and Bow Bracelet.

Love this website, give it a peek!

Abi x

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