Saturday, December 12

13 Days To Go!

Liv pointed me towards Asos the other day to show me their Nails Inc. promotion...
The Autumn Winter four pack is possibly my favourite -
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I love the richness of the purple, the luxury of the red, and the shimmer of the brown/bronze. The grey is beautiful, but I've been wearing a lot of grey lately and it's getting me down! This set is just £20, normally the price of only two bottles!

One of their Duos that I particularly like is Christmas Duo -
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The lilac and the teal work beautifully together, I wouldn't want to separate them!! Again, this is at the wonderful price of £12.

My last love is ASOS' own brand, ASOS Paint. This particular Mint green is called Pixie and I think it's divine -
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Anyone remember the story of Chanel's Jade nail Varnish? It was sold for £16 orginally, but the product was available so scarcely bottles are now being sold for £85 + on sites such as Ebay. This colour seems so much richer to me. This beautiful aqua colour is £6.

Abi x

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