Tuesday, December 1

24 Days To Go!

Christmas has swooped in like a merry little Robin, yet I can't bear to listen to christmas songs until at least the 14th, so I'm listening to Paolo Nutini's Pencil Full Of Lead. Currently 27th in the UK charts, but at least he's above Whitney Houston...

I never really liked Paolo Nutini before, I think it was New Shoes that put me off, it wasn't really my thing at the time it was released, but now I'm really enjoying his musical style.

I like a lot of his latest album, Sunny Side Up, but Pencil Full of Lead is my favourite, it's such a happy song, the lyrics concentrating on what you've got, not what you're missing. I've had a really bad two weeks, and I find that the song reminds me that not everything sucks.
It also makes me think of big musical numbers, with the trombone, the harmonica and especially the dancing girls in the video! (I want their tights!)

I think you should give it a listen because it'll actually put you in a happy, festive mood.

Yesterday, my sister came to me and said "I didn't know you liked Paolo Nutini, I've got a bit of a guilty crush on him, but he's too short." Or words to that effect. It's true, he is quite cute (just look at that happy little smile of his) but then, he does have little (emo) star tattoos on his wrist... He's only 22... pros and cons...

I would rate-
Pencil full of lead - ***** It has everything to make you happy
Sunny Side Up - **** Good to chill out to

Abi x

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