Wednesday, December 2

23 Days To Go!

For a while, I've been following a website called Anthropologie. I love the styles shown and the elegant simplicity throughout the collection.

I was excited to hear of their first store opening outside of Canada, on Regent Street, London. They have a beautiful window display, and I hope to go visit it before Christmas. After all, where better to go Christmas shopping than London?
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I've picked two pieces of jewellery that I love - A purple, Swarovski 'Collage Cocktail' ring. As it goes, the regal purple is perfect for this year's winter, especially as a nail colour, so why not carry it on to a ring that shines just as your nails do?
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And these stunning turquoise 'Melting Glaciers' earrings are simply divine. The make me think of icicles and snow, which is perfect for Christmas! The colour is almost as if it were stolen from the deepest of oceans.

Abi x

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