Saturday, January 16

99 Luftballons

A little vain moment called me as the second hour-long (!!) wedding catwalk was starting at a wedding fair we displayed at, I believe that's my dad in the background.

One of my favourite combos for casual business dress, the sort of thing you might wear to sixth form. I like tucking in baggy tops to this high waisted skirt, not only because it's kinda warm, but because it puffs them out to give it all a baggy 80's grundge feel to contrast the sharpness of the jacket-skirt combo.

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Top - Peacocks?
Skirt and tights - Primark
Jacket - H&M
Shoes - Clarks

Hooray for weddings!
Abi x


  1. The silhouette tucking a baggy top into a puffy skirt gives you is really flattering, I know what you mean about the grunge feel too! I bet you're looking forward to sixth form with outfits like this stored up!


  2. I LOVE TUCKING TOPS INTO HIGH-WAISTED BOTTOMS. I swear, I do it too often, it's ridiculous.
    I really like your outfit here, not too smart but not totally casual either; very trendy and quite grungy/punky :D
    The jacket is especially lovely :)

    Chloe xxx