Thursday, January 21

The best place to find vintage jewellery...

Your own home!! OR at least, that's what I've recently discovered. My mum had some awesome jewellery. I say had because, well, they're mine now!! Here are four pieces of beautiful silver jewellery I found in a box on friday.
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I really like the bracelet, it has lots of links all with a separate, coloured crest on it. I need to fix two links though, but all I need is a simple loop, so more photos when it's fixed! This photo doesn't show the ring anymore, but it's a heart that's semi-engraved. I've been wearing it every day since, now it feels weird when I take it off!!

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These are some stunning Cameo Earrings, I had to sterilize them before I could wear them, but they look so good in!!

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This necklace is possibly my favourite out of the four; it's light, cool and it won't turn my neck green!!

So, mum's the way! But remember girls, always ask first!

Abi x

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  1. ahh i raided my moms jewelery last year- greatest finds EVER. love what you found :)
    and gorgeouss blogg! will definitely be stopping by to visit again SOON!