Friday, January 29

What a difference a shirt makes!

A massive part of my life is my friends. This weekend, it took me two hours just to get to my friend Danni's house. This was following my ineptitude at finding the correct train platform, missing 2 trains, calling Danni, Danni being wrong, Me asking the scowly woman behind a desk, a burglary on the train and then eventually having to get a completely different train. Nightmare. I tried to pack light because I was feeling really lazy, so I put together an outfit with one essential difference - the shirt.

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As nice as this outfit is, waiting in an underground train station for two hours in it... not so warm. However, I love this outfit, it's really simple and can look smart whilst still being casual and comfortable.
Tee - H&M
Shirt - Matalan?
Cardigan - Peacocks
Jeans - Primark
Pearls - Vintage

A few days ago, I posted this blog. This is essentially the second day's outfit, but with the gray tee as above. I had to re-use that picture because I couldn't take a nice one on the day. I found this outfit slightly warmer for the next morning as it was a flannel shirt - instant warmth and cool!
Shirt - Charity Shop

I cannot stress how much love I have for loose, men's shirts, nor can I explain why and yet I always feel compelled to steal my dad's!

Abi x


  1. adding the shirt = genius!
    lovely outfit sweetie x

    ♥ Hannah



  2. haha, i know what you mean about oversized shirts.
    i found a great flannel shop in that COW shop for like £7 :) i like your outfit& your blog btw.
    plus you go to my school and chloe is my sister, lol


  3. :) thanks, oh yeah sure!
    and i'm in year 9, you're in year 11 right? i've seen you around; you're the one who dyes her hair cool colours.