Wednesday, January 13

Spring/Summer thoughts...

I'm loving the neutrals, these are just a few from the Dolce & Gabbana SS10 collection that I love so much! I especially love the sleek lines of the dress in the centre.
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Here's another (very quick) stylebook of a few neutral tones present.
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I really like the Lace Shift dress from Topshop [top right] and the lily white bracelet [middle left] because they sum up 'neutral' perfectly, and I just want to jump in and add jewellery and other clothes to style it to suit me!

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I'm looking forward to spring because I've been really getting into greys lately, and it'll be a chance to wear them with a few bits of colour and not feel like a total misery-guts!!

Abi x


  1. I've added you on to my blog list and i would be grateful if you could do the same :)
    I love the Topshop lace shift dress and all the neutral colours that are in.
    Claudia xxx

    i adore these looks
    love the pieces and photos youve chosen
    thanks for sharing as always
    and thanks for the sweet comments, i really do appreciate them!


  3. I really like the Topshop lace shift, it's loooovely!
    I love neutral/nude/beige tones in clothes, and I especially like the S/S '10 Chloe line, the pale blues and beiges are so lovely.
    I may have to do a post on Burberry S/S '10.. :)

    Chloe xx

  4. Those Dolce & Gabbana SS10 dresses are so fabulous, really love the first one, wonder if that is a detachable belt?