Thursday, January 14

Ch- ch- ch- Checkin it out!

Listening to - You're so damn hot, Ok Go
Excellent band, they have kooky, awesome videos (You may have seen the famous treadmill dancing video)

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A fairly simple outfit to throw on. It was also fairly warm! I love the check shirt look, Liv was gutted when I spotted this stunner first... £2.99!! Gotta love charity shops!
Cardigan - Peacocks
Shirt - Charity shop
Vest - H&M
Jeans - Primark

I like to make sure that the shirt cuffs stick out further than the cardigan sleeves, because it shows a bit more colour and patterning. I love this cardigan because it's 2 dress sizes bigger than me, so it fits nicely but I can wrap it tightly to warm me up, a daily essential in this weather!!

Abi x


  1. thanks for following!! I love the outfit! :) I'm updating my blogroll soon and I'd love to swap links!

    xo, C.

  2. Simple yet trendy and it looks comfortable :D Very nice outfit, Abi!
    This morning, I looked outside the window and it was so odd to see that there was no snow! So glad :)

    Chloe xxx